"People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

The Academy allows everyone to become a master his business and improve the work of the hotel. ”


AHA (Azerbaijan Hospitality Academy) is an industry-led group, set up to tackle the skills, training and recruitment needs of the tourism and hospitality industry in Baku and other Azerbaijan regions. Our professional team of experts delivers the very latest service methodology to the Luxury Residential, Hotel, Resort, Corporate, Restaurants all country regions and are the very best in their respective fields of expertise. We are proud to say that we have trained and recruited staff for clients who own some of the city finest restaurants, hotel and resorts.


Hospitality Marketing & Sales Trainings

During his years as a Hospitality Marketing & Sales, our trainer noticed that the most successful salespeople followed a sales process that was similar in many ways. As a hospitality sales training developer, he formalized these similarities into a seven-step method that has proven effective in all types of sales situations.

Restaurants Service Trainings

Waiter course encompasses professional training for a career as a waiter – hospitality technician.

The course includes mastering skills such as arranging and serving food and drinks in restaurants and bars. Of great importance for this career are communication skills, customer treatment and the body language itself, so developing these skills is one of our main concerns.


Become A Bartender

Our board of education are responsible for maintaining the highest standards of training in the bartending industry. The world's top bartenders and industry figures work with the board to ensure our courses are always fresh and engaging. 

Even if you are a novice, this course will make you capable of working in any bar worldwide.

Become A Hostess

In a restaurant, the host role is very important as the host is typically the first contact between the customer and restaurant whether it is scheduling a reservation or greeting the customer as they come through the door. Our training courses are a great way to train your employees in a quick and effective way that gets them out and serving customers instead of wasting time in traditional training methods. This training course should be a staple for all new host/hostess employees in a restaurant in the foodservice industry.


Front Office Service Trainings

his Front Office Skills programme will ensure that you have the skills required to provide front office support in an effective and professional manner. Time management skills, interpersonal communication and general office administration are an integral component of this role. In addition, you will have the necessary techniques to deal with your clients effectively by gaining a range of new skills, including telephone techniques, dealing with difficult people, and handling complaints.

Butler Service

Courses are bilingual by definition. We offer these training services to high-end hotels and resorts as well as to residential real estate companies.

  • Butler-service mindset and self-management

  • Encouraging positive curiosity, building relationships

  • The concept of ' butler service' and 'personalized service'

  • Butler ammunition: butler bible, guest files, etc

  • Protocol and etiquette

  • Day-to-day personalized services; receiving guests, (un-)packing, shoe polishing, table setting, travel management, etc.

  • F&B knowledge and skills, including room service


Become A Chef

he Culinary Basic Skills Class provides 250 hours of training for people interested in finding work in entry-level kitchen positions.  We introduce students to culinary basics as well as how to safely work within a professional kitchen.  Through lecture and hands-on kitchen experience, students will learn about:

  • Basic knife skills

  • Personal hygiene & sanitary work habits

  • How to read and convert recipes & basic kitchen math

  • Identifying common kitchen tools & equipment

  • Preparation and organization prior to cooking

  • Basic cooking methods

  • Cooking food to the correct doneness

  • Vegetable identification & cooking

  • Stocks, soups & sauces

  • Cooking starches

  • Development of palate

Become A Sommilier

o what is a sommelier, and what do they do? In short, a sommelier (or somm as they're often called) is a highly knowledgeable wine professional who is an expert in every aspect of wine service and food and wine pairing. Today, the responsibilities of a sommelier are as varied as they are demanding. Not only must a good somm show a mastery of a broad spectrum of wines, but they must be able to connect with a guest in a way that makes them feel comfortable and part of the experience. Other responsibilities include:

  • Storing wines in optimal conditions/temperature

  • Rotating stock in proper order / ensure accurate pricing

  • Presenting the wine list to guests highlighting featured wines / new additions

  • Suggesting starter wines and emphasizing wines that pair well with meals

  • Knowledge of liquors, high-end spirits, beers, and cigar pairings

  • Ordering wines appropriate to restaurant offerings (sometimes directly from the vineyard)

  • Educating front-of-house staff and chefs about wine, wine pairing, and proper service

  • Knowledge of the appropriate types of wine glasses in which to serve product




Set yourself apart with the ultimate internship or trainee experience! AHA’s programs are designed to provide university students and young professionals the unique opportunity to participate in a structured and guided work-based

learning program with premier hotels and resorts in Azerbaijan and the other countries.

You will gain valuable professional experience,  receive on-the-job exposure to hospitality techniques,

methodologies, and technologies while enhancing your knowledge of the other countries culture and



Corporate Trainings

- Increase your Sales

- New Marketing Producers

- Finance Audit

- Manager Training

- How to open a hotel & restaurant

- 5-star restaurant service

- Event Management

- How rise-up a hotel & restaurant profit

- Building teamwork


Why investors Choose AHA services?



We guarantee the transfer of new knowledge and skills stated in the programs.


Annual support

During the year, your steps towards achieving excellence in business will be accompanied and supported by academy experts in a special closed group on Facebook.


Turnkey solutions

Training is accompanied by the development of participants' skills and practical changes in the business already in the learning process. We also provide working documents and forms for implementation in the practice of your hotel.


Leading experts

The knowledge transferred is based on the personal experience of the best industry experts - information that is not found in books or on the Internet

Staff Recruitment

Selection and training of the hotel or restaurant staff at the basic level, as well as the position of the middle and senior level. Search and training of the manager of the hotel or restaurant. We provide services for the staff recruitment in Baku and cooperate with the managers of the best hotel and restaurants in this sphere.


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